Sunday, February 24, 2008

Just found your blog b/c I’m trying to trace a pattern.

Have you seen this pattern at masondixonknitting archives “mysterylace”? It is in the Jan 13, 2008 blog posting. It is a picture of a friend’s curtain. Beautiful. I hope to knit this and am trying to figure it out…

I know what happens, just not how to accomplish it:

-pattern is garter, they say,

-repeat is only four stitches long,

-repeat is nine rows deep,

-every other column is plain knit stitch,

-the other columns are the same pattern, but offset by 4 rows. This pattern consists of a plain stitch for 5 rows. On the 6th row, the 5 previous rows are knit into/under/deep-stitched/ pulled up so that a flower is formed. On the next row, the stitch directly above the loop holding up the flower is twisted. The row above that one is plain knit stitch, and then the pattern starts again.

_so, the chart would be :

columns 1 and 3: knit all stitches

columns 2 and 4: knit a pattern of 5 plain rows, pull up all the stitches into one stitch, twist the stitch in the next row above it, knit a plain stitch in the row above that, and then begin the repeat again.

How could I do this w/o having all the stitches fall off my needles???

any ideas?



Response from 1knittingfool:
This pattern has similarities to the North Star pattern. It employs a ‘dip’ stitch in which you knit into a stitch 3 rows below the current row. The stitches in the 2nd and 1st row below the current row are not altogether dropped, rather, those strands are ‘cradled up’ with the knitting of the stitch 3 rows below. I think if the North Star pattern was worked all in one color on large needles with lace weight yarn the effect would be very much like that seen in the above pictured “Mystery Lace.”

Response from Meredith:
Thank you for your response. Yes, this does look like North Star. Your collection of stitch patterns is very inspiring. Meredith

Monday, February 4, 2008

Increasing before and after markers on circular needles

I have a raglan sweater pattern that I am knitting from the top down ( sweater pattern generator)

I have knitted the collar but it says at each side of marker, increase 1 st by knitting into the front and back of the st..

I have 4 markers - one for the sleeves, one for the back, one for the other sleeve and one for the front, so by increasing into the back and front of each st. that would make an increase of 8 sts..

Does it matter which marker you start to increase at?

Awaiting your reply,


Response from 1knittingfool

No. It is immaterial which point you choose as a starting point.