Thursday, March 6, 2003

13th Step

Yesterday was a system engineer nightmare.  We had memory failure on one server.  Then as the memory was being replaced, someone (it wasn't me; I was upstairs in the BatCave) accidentally disconnected power to the production SQL Server.  It went down hard and came back slow because of all the recovery processes going on.  All the web sites were dependent on this server.  They were all down for about 20 minutes.  It sure made the case for database redundancy.  Wake up managers.  Let the moths out of your wallet.

I just had to come home and knit.  If I didn't knit, I would probably drink way too much.  There's a thought:  knitting as the 13th step of an AA program.

Today was much better.  We had a little domain controller hiccup, but not a big deal.  All quiet in the BatCave.  Hurrah.

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