Sunday, April 6, 2003

Will Code For Food

I am working on a yardage calculator.  It will probably take me several days to build the database for the calculator.  I plan to have select lists for style, size, yarn type, stitches/inch and rows/inch.  Then the user would enter the yarn name and the yardage per skein.  The result would be the recommended number of skeins to work the garment.  I have researched several sources for information on the yardage for a given size/style.  The time consuming part is collating all the resources into the database.

BTW, my day job at" target="_blank">
is going away July 1, 2003 because our local governor has not made his wishes known regarding IT contract staff.  Therefore, my motto is now

Will code ColdFusion and/or SQL for food.


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