Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Books in My Library

From Lethe, Topanga Canyon

Your site has been one of my favorites for quite a while, not only because of the wealth of very useful information and the stitch library, but also because of your wit. It is becoming dangerous however, as I go through your library I keep discovering books I need to get too. I spent birthday money on some rare costly out-of-print books that I am absolutely delighted with. Now today I just noticed those Ida Rose Vintage Reproductions, too dangerous. A quick question: is there some way to see just what are your most recent additions to your library ? One of my current favorites is not on your list. It is a compendium of reprints from Weldon’s late 1800s, a few hundred patterns and a glimpse into the past for only $25. _Knitting from 19th Century Sources_ by Kliot. Amazon lists only the out of print first edition, but it is readily available from other vendors like B&N, etc.

Response from 1knittingfool:
I don’t think I have that title yet. There are still about 100 books in my library that I have not yet listed on-line. I work on the whatever is in reach principle. If the floor gets so cluttered with yarn that I can’t roll my desk chair over to the book case, well, stuff just don’t happen. And then I have been working steadily to make sample swatches of the stitch patterns. What a job; but it is fun also. So much to knit, so little time.

Comment from Christina, Delta (4/7/2007 10:20 am)
Just started exploring your site yesterday and have been enjoying the adventure. Today I started looking over your library. Wow! What a dreamy collection. I’m still pretty new at knitting and am taking a leap at trying to design triangular lace shawls. I love the one you designed for your friend and would like to know if that pattern is available? Thanks, I really enjoy your hobby.

Response from 1knittingfool:
The pattern can be found at www.theknitter.com.

Comment from suzuSD (3/16/2008 8:18 pm)
Hey there
This is a great site for knitting noobs like me. Thanks so much for the stitch dictionary with all the photos… it’s so much easier to see if I am doing the stitch right if I have a photo of it to compare to.
Anyway. In your “books in my library” list, you have a book on page three of the H’s, a Japanese book you have titled “how to knit”. Actually, your translation is not too far off; the title reads “wakari yasui teami no kiso to kotsu” which translates to something like “easy to understand handknitting fundamentals”

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