Sunday, July 1, 2007

Sweater Wheels

Dear KF,
Thank you for the information on Sweater Wheels! I bought mine about ten years ago in a rummage sale and have found it incredibly useful. I have had several of my knitting friends tell me they would also like to buy one of these. If anyone has additional information on where my friends might buy one of these I would greatly appreciate it. Also, thank you for all of the patterns!
Just another Knitting Fool!
Donna Ryans

Comment by Debra, Mews Jersey, NJ (2/4/2007 1:15 pm)
Fabulous site! I recently acquired a Sweater Wheel from a friend’s mother. As I’ve never seen anything like it before, I searched for it on the web and found your site. You have so much information that everyone can use, I’ll be back quite often!

Comment by Susan Nottingham, NH (6/7/2007 1:22 pm)
Oh My Gosh- I have worn out my sweater wheel. I have gotten my mothers, that she never used. I hate to let people use it. But it works up so nice I have got to have made a least 100 sweaters from them. I took mine apart and laminated it so it would last longer. I have been looking for a new one, and know at least 10 people who would buy one if I could find it.

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