Tuesday, July 3, 2007

I have closed the old Guestbook in favor of using the Knittingfool Blog for the similar purpose. This will offer the guests the opportunity to comment on posts left by other guests. That was not a feature I could easily offer before.
I will move most of the existing guestbook entires into the blog.

Comment from Marlys, full time traveler, TX right now (1/14/2007 9:14 pm):
Great site!! It eliminates several of my how-to books thus lightening the weight we carry in our traveling home. Wish I had found this site long ago. Keep up the good work!!

Comment from Patty, Upper Darby, PA (1/29/2007 8:41 am)
LOVE this site. It is so helpful with much information all on one site. Thanks you so much for sharing.

Comment from regina, spain (2/11/2007 3:40 am)
congratulations this web is wonderful

Comment from Julia, Seattle WA (2/20/2007 4:57 pm)
There are so many knitting sites on the web. This is by far the most useful I have EVER visited! I have knitted for over 40 years and been on the internet since it started. It is so rare to find a site this helpful. THANKS!!!!!

Comment from Shari, Michigan (2/21/2007 12:39 pm)
Your site is the BEST. Along with all the knitting patterns you added the xtras to get your brain working Hummmm can I do this… I sure will try.. THANKS!!!

Comment from Lisa aka Windsonsidhe, Monticello, KY (2/26/2007 9:05 pm)
Very nice site! Very informative. Thank you for providing such valuable information!

Comment from sandra, uk (3/1/2007 12:05 pm)
thank you for this excellent resource, your abbreviation table has just saved my sanity!! It explained succinctly what I needed to know

Comment from Judy, Pleasanton, CA (3/3/2007 8:46 pm)
What a great site, you’re on my favorites now. Thanks so much

Comment from Beverly, Alberta, Canada (3/9/2007 3:10 pm)
Thank you so much for incorporating some edging patterns. They are beautiful. All your work is phenomenal and I really appreciate your efforts.
I also read your diary entry regarding your Dad and late Mother. Just to let you know I had the same thoughts when my Mom passed away.

Comment from Shirley, CT (3/31/2007 6:23)
Your site is just amazing. I am a come-back knitter and am agog over all the new yarns and patterns. It is nice to find the familiar and basics, plus common sense techniques on your site. Thank you so much, will tell all my friends.

Comment from Debbie W., Westport, Ontario, Canada (4/25/2007 12:49 pm)
Very cool website. I can’t believe the number of stitches you have listed. Your sweater wheels are fabulous–an early version of today’s knitting software.

Comment from Laura, Pulaski, Virginia (5/8/2007 10:25 am):
I just came across this site today… wow! As both a programmer and knitter, I appreciate the amount of work that has gone into this site. You have done a wonderful job, and I appreciate such a well-organized list of patterns. And to think- I was debating buying yet another stitch pattern book… now I’ll never need another one!

Response from 1knittingfool: Don’t stop buying the books. That’s much of how I have been financing this site, through the links and ads for books on Amazon!

Comment from Mercedes r. Waukegan, IL (5/10/2007 10:45 am)
What a great site. I just found the site yesterday and can’t tear myself away. I am a semi-beginner and am very curious about everything knitting so your website is very informative. You are definately on my favorites. Thank you so much for such a wealth of information.

Comment from Grace, Arizona (5/24/2007 6:24 am):
Found you by accident..a great site and now in my favorites. So much valuable info! I supervise a LYS in AZ and you will be a great reference for me….thank you

Comment from resellerhosting (1/21/2010 9:01)
I have visited your website so many times but only just noticed you have a guestbook!

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