Sunday, July 1, 2007

Stitch Catalog progress

As of today, I shall have been working on knitting sample swatches for the stitch pattern catalog for about 7 months. I have completed swatches for 573 of the 1656 patterns that I have documented. That puts me at 34.6% of the patterns having swatch pictures to illustrate them. However, as my husband enjoys pointing out, I am my own worst enemy on this. I keep adding new patterns almost faster than I knit new swatches. I have been averaging between 2-3 swatches per day. Even if I added no more patterns, just to work through the ones I have now would take more than a year. I am sure that I have source material for about 2000-3000 more patterns. This could all go on for years. Someday, I will be in the nursing home with oatmeat drying on my chin wondering how many more patterns I have to do and what row am I on.

Comment from Jennifer, Amite, Louisiana (2/2/2007 11:18 pm)
Hello, I have just discovered your website and I absolutely love it. Although I haven’t explored everything yet, it is the first place I will refer to when I have a question or need an interesting pattern. I see that you don’t have pictures for all of the stitch patterns. Are you working on them yourself or would you like help. I will gladly work some and send you pictures if you would like. It would make the whole site complete! Let me know and keep up the great work!

Response from 1knittingfool:
From the webmaster:I would gladly accept contributed pictures. I cannot pay for them. I may not be able to use each one; I will have to evaluate each. My current database structure and web page coding allows no more than two pictures for each stitch. I can enter a caption under each picture to give credit to the contributor. If you have some pictures in .jpg , .gif or .bmp formats, you may send them to webmaster@knittingfool.comI have been working most of them myself; it has been a personal challenge. However since I think I can expect the collection to grow to about 4000 entries, it is a bit daunting. The advantage of working them myself is that I can correct errors. I find not only errors in my typing but also errors in the original texts. If you choose to work some of these patterns, I strongly suggest that you have the original book available to help control errors.Also because I can sort the entries in my database, I am able to find patterns that are different in name only. Someone who does not have the database would have a harder time finding these similarities.Thank you!

Comment from Beverly, Alberta, Canada (2/23/2007 3:23 pm)
I would be very interested in some edging patterns. Have you any plans on transcribing those in the future? I love all the work you have thus far completed.

Response from 1knittingfool:
Edgings are on my radar but I don’t have a schedule. I have a lot of source material for edgings. I will take your request into consideration.

Comment from Desire, Bloemfontein, South Africa (5/29/2007 5:19 am)
I have been surfing a LONG time for knitting patterns, and now you have given me millions that I can design. Thankx and keep up this excellent site.

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